Our Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Academy teaches students the fundamentals necessary to be fully functional and successful CRCs in the industry.

The CRC Academy has a combination of self-paced and live classes designed to teach students what they will actually encounter in their career as a CRC. Some examples of topics we help students master are source and regulatory documents, investigational product accountability, site selection, site initiation, protocol deviations, patient safety, and more. When our program and internship have been successfully completed, students will receive customized resumes with a skillset to match and industry experience to prominently showcase!

Our training is focused on the mastery of industry-accepted fundamentals with a pragmatic approach

The CRC Academy blends the theoretical with the practical and we pride ourselves on our hands on approach to teaching. We worked very closely with employers and other clinical research stakeholders when we were designing this class. Through our large network of study sites and industry employers, we are constantly learning what skills or “competencies” are necessary for a student's successful outcomes as a functioning and versatile study coordinator . Our curriculum is developed and revised on an ongoing basis per our internal continuous improvement processes. When one embarks on The CRC Academy journey, progress is measured by attainment of the pragmatic skills and competencies identified by the clinical research industry as necessary. The CRC Academy is designed to teach its students to be generalists, capable of taking on any and all tasks that are commonly required of a coordinator, as well as many other roles in the industry. Our program provides students with practical knowledge, qualifications, and the experience to effectively use these new skills in the clinical research world.

Our program is flexible

The CRC Academy combines the convenience of online, self paced training, with live weekly study sessions which fosters a spirit of collaboration and pragmatism. National and international l students alike are welcome to partake in our academy and join the ranks of hundreds of graduates in our alumni network. This hybrid model allows for convenience, flexibility, and collaboration, and ensures all the opportunity to succeed in this industry. No previous medical or research experience is required. Welcome to the journey, we are honored to jumpstart your clinical research career!

Why Yours? What is so special?

Our tuition is affordable

The CRC Academy is a superior academic experience with the most competitive tuition in the United States. If you are interested in a college experience that is focused, flexible, affordable, and designed to prepare you for success in your new career, the CRC Academy is the right choice for you.

Our Team is involved in and have experience within all aspects of the research industry.

We offer many different courses depending upon your desired career. Our courses are developed and revised in response to ongoing input from employers, FDA regulations, and industry guidelines. Our classes reflect the work environment of your chosen career path.


What is a Clinical Research Coordinator / Study Coordinator?

A CRC or clinical research coordinator is the backbone of every clinical trial. Study Coordinators (SC another name for CRCs) are the primary point of contact for most studies. They serve as the main liaison between the research site and CRAs. CRAs are responsible for monitoring study sites for protocol and GCP compliance. The responsibilities typically placed upon a CRC seem to be ever-increasing within the industry. Simultaneously, the short supply of well-trained coordinators is one of the largest pain points in the clinical research industry. The solution for many study sites is to hire inexperienced coordinators and attempt to train them. While this is a logical strategy, the new trainees oftentimes get in the way of the Site’s workflow, causing frustration from all stakeholders. We created The Clinical Research Coordinator Academy to alleviate these challenges for sites and prospective CRCs.

Class Format.

Each weekly topic consists of a corresponding weekly video module, followed by a weekly live webinar, for a total of two classes per week. The weekly module is to be reviewed on your own time and the live class is intended to discuss the module in depth and answer any student questions. For the last two weeks of class, the coursework will be expanded to three classes each week, as we will also provide career development classes. There will be additional homework assignments for certain weeks of the course. Students are expected to commit an average of 5 hours of study time per week to the academy. Instructors are available during standard workweek hours via email, telephone, or our class chatroom powered by Slack.

Meet The Team


The tuition fee includes 12 weeks online classes, materials and the internship.

Student Inrolment:

$4,500 USD Per Student


Each weekly topic consists of a corresponding weekly video module, followed by a weekly live webinar at 4 PM PST. Certain weeks also consist of homework assignments. Students are expected to commit an average of 5 hours of study per week towards the course material. Instructors are available during standard work week hours via telephone, or our class chatroom powered by Slack.

Cancellation Policy

One access to the course has been granted, there will be no refunds. If a student for some reason is unable to complete the quarter, we can make arrangements to place them in the following quarter's class.