Introducing The CRC Academy...

Your Gateway to a Lucrative Career in Clinical Research

New Classes are Starting the last week of April!

So, what exactly is The CRC Academy?

It's a proven, comprehensive course that:

  • Has helped hundreds of students start their journey in a clinical research career...In fact, over 93% of our students have landed jobs in the industry, including private clinics, academic research centers, and pharma companies!

  • Teaches you everything you need to know to become a CRC or Study Coordinator in 12 Weeks

  • Gives you an additional 12 weeks of Practical experience that you can put on your Resume

  • Helps you get your first job in the industry...and beyond!

"I will forever be thankful for the CRC Academy - though this is often said hyperbolically, I can genuinely say my experience in the program changed my life." -Samantha Anderson, CRC Academy graduate.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research, or Clinical Trials are tests conducted on human subjects to determine the safety and efficacy of new drugs, treatments, and devices before they are approved for general use. Without clinical trials, there would be no innovation in medicine!

What does a CRC do, exactly?

The CRC, or study coordinator, is central to many research related activities. This can include meeting with patients, collecting data, communicating with doctors and sponsors, managing regulatory paperwork, ensuring quality control, and much much more!

Who is the CRC Academy for?

  • Anyone who is interested in becoming a CRC, regardless of background.

  • Fresh graduates, International Medical/Pharmacy Graduates, or Mid-Career Professionals looking for a change.

  • A clinical background and/or degree helps, but is not required.

More importantly, who is this NOT for?

  • The course requires work! You have to do the lessons, show up to the live Q&A sessions, and be an active participant. This is NOT a get-rick-quick scheme!

  • You must be able to commit 5 hours every week in order to be successful!

  • Complainers and Pessimists need not apply: Positive Vibes only!

After completing the 6 Month Course, Students Will:

  • Be able to describe and execute the entire clinical trials process from getting studies to closeout.

  • Have experience with actual studies at working sites.

  • Receive industry required certifications, including GCP and IATA.

  • Have a proven Resume/CV and LinkedIn profile that gets employers interested.

"It was such a wonderful experience to witness the passion the Instructor & the co-founder of the CRC Academy, Monica Cuitiva, brought to each felt like working on the site since every class was so well planned and focused on the practical aspects and steps involved in the day-to-day management of the clinical trials from the trial start-up to the close-out." -Muhmmad Hussain, CRC graduate

What makes our course different?

We firmly believe that The CRC Academy is the best course on the market.

While other "certifications" might have fancy names attached to them, The CRC Academy is the ONLY course on the market that provides:

A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW: Our training covers everything you could ever need to know as a CRC, and beyond! We've had students tell us that the course material covered things that even experienced professionals that they encountered did not know!

PRACTICAL, RESUME BUILDING EXPERIENCE: There is a massive difference between classroom learning, and on-the job experience! We give students the best of both worlds by combining in-depth training with practical experience. In fact, we guarantee an externship to ALL students!

HELP GETTING YOUR FIRST JOB: How many programs, courses, and degrees charge an "Arm and a Leg", only to leave students out in the cold when it comes to career assistance? If a course does not help you get a job, simply put, it is USELESS! That fancy university certificate will look great on the wall, but it won't help you where you need it most! We will share the secrets to getting an industry job that most people overlook, in addition to helping you with your resume and LinkedIn profile.

CURRICULUM DESIGNED BY SITE OWNERS AND RESEARCH PROFESSIONALS: Here's a secret. We did not set out to create a CRC course. While searching for a training program for our employees that would have everything we were looking for, we came up empty. The CRC Academy was born out of a massive need in the industry for a comprehensive, practical training on being a CRC. We designed the course that we wish was available on the market!

SUPPORT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY: Our instructors will be available to you during working hours for

any questions you have throughout the process. From technical assistance, to interview advice, to salary negotiations, ask away, and you will not be disappointed!

What exactly do we Cover?

WEEK 1: Introduction to the clinical research world, definitions, the clinical research coordinator role , GCP and AITA training.

WEEK 2: CRC responsibilities, CDA/NDA, FQ (Feasibility Questionnaire, the different monitoring visits, how to find new studies, SSV ( site selection visit)

WEEK 3: Next step after site is awarded a study: Start up regulatory documents, Vital signs, ECGs, Physical Exams, Laboratory Procedures, Investigational Product, Protocol Synopsis, Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria, Informed Consent Forms, and site SOPs

WEEK 4: Introduction to the IRBs: What is their role, the different forms, and their importance

WEEK 5: Standard Operating Procedures, Site Initiation visit, and all the processes involved, regulatory essentials.

WEEK 6: Subject Binders, introduction to the Source Documents and how to create them, Progress Notes, Notes to File, IP accountability, IP introduction, source documents, Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria, schedule of events.

WEEK 7: Progress notes, screening visit detail specifics, Concomitant Medications, medical records, Adverse Events, IWRS, EDC, randomization, and baseline introduction.

WEEK 8: IM investigator meeting, Process of Consent, Paper/electronic source, Site equipment/layout/calibration, preparing for screening, IP storage, IP temperature, Patient recruitment, organizing subjects charts.

WEEK 9: ALCOA-C, effective documenting, different monitoring visits, and how to prepare for them.

WEEK 10: Site Activation, Clinical trials do's and don'ts

WEEK 11: Managing multiple studies, laboratory essentials, regulatory binder maintenance.

WEEK 12: Beginning of externship


Career Development: Create an Impressive CV, LinkedIn Profiles that Shine, and Getting your First Job

Clinical: How to do, read and understand the EKGs

A bit more about our Instructors:

Dan Sfera

Dan has owned and operated clinical research sites since 2005 when he learned how to be a clinical research coordinator out of necessity due to the opportunity that he found himself in. Since then, Dan has served as a clinical research associate, clinical trial manager, site director, and external auditor amongst other things. Dan blogs daily on his YouTube and various other social media platforms and considers himself an ambassador to clinical research.

Monica Cuitiva

Monica started her career in the clinical research industry in 2014, bringing prior experience in healthcare and marketing in various positions. She started as a clinical research recruiter and worked her way to Clinical research coordinator, rater, site director, Co-founder of LICR, The CRC Academy, The Clinical Research Circle & Co-own Clarity Clinical Research. She finds joy in spending time with her husband, family & dog, traveling, reading books, doing outdoor sports, listening to podcasts, trying exotic foods, and going to the movies (thriller movies are her favorite)

Chris Sauber

Chris Sauber started in the research industry as a study coordinator and from what he learned in that position has transitioned to a site owner / consultant / CRA / project manager / chief operations officer / and vice president of DSCS Sweat Equity & Investments. Through his investments and operations company, DSCS, Chris advises research sites, CROs and pharmaceutical sponsors on their clinical research needs. He enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, trying prime steak houses, and making sarcastic jokes!

Kasey Figueroa

Kasey started as an office manager and quickly worked her way into a clinical research coordinator and eventually a site director role for 2 different clinical trial sites. Kasey has also served as a neurocognitive rater as well as an external auditor. Kasey works closely with both the CRC and CRA Academies and is in charge of the internship components of our various online training platforms.

Ashley Margo

10 Years of clinical industry experience and 4 years in clinical research. Sr. RSM II at a Global CRO, Owner of The AM Approach and Co-founder of LICR Graduated from UTRGV with a Bachelor’s in Biology, Associate in Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, exploring natural rural gems, and spending time with her family.

Raul Gonzalez

Raul has been involved in the Clinical research industry since 2019, bringing an extensive experience from the medical equipment field. It was after taking The CRC Academy class that his interest in the clinical research industry became a passion. He then became The CRC Academy Business development manager. Later, his entrepreneurial mindset kicked in, and he decided to open his own site; this adventure led him to taste many levels of the clinical research world. Aside from work, he enjoys being a husband and a dad in his spare time; he loves travelling, longboarding, SUP, snowboarding, and eating ice cream!

Don't take our word for it...See what some of our past students have to say!

How Much Can I Make?

Great Question! But it's a very limiting one, and we'll tell you why...(don't worry, we promise to answer the question!)

Becoming a research/study coordinator is only the beginning. It opens up several career pathways, some of which don't actually have a limit!

But, to answer your original question, which varies greatly by location, in the US the average annual salary for a CRC is between $48,812 and $86,579, according to

As you progress in your career, a common career path is a CRA: a Clinical Research Associate, which can easily make six figures. Or, if you want to start your own site and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams...that's where things get interesting, because that's where you decide how much you want to make!

Now, before this starts sounding like another hype filled claim, we want to be real with you. This is not a guarantee, and nobody can promise you any salary. It will depend on how hard you want to work, your ability to excel, and dozens of other factors. But for those who want to reach for it, it is definitely possible!

"Within 2 months of finishing the academy, I had already been offered a full-time position as a Regulatory Coordinator at a world-renowned oncology hospital, which I will be starting at the end of the month." -Samantha Anderson, CRC Academy graduate.

The Investment:

Given the value offered, this could've easily been a $10,000 course. And it would have been worth it for the content, support, and results that we have gotten for our students!

But we want to make sure the course is accessible to all who want to participate, without having to take on massive debt. While students today take on six figures of debt for degrees that unfortunately do not provide much value, our program is a fraction of the cost for something that has been proven over and over again.

Our Course is Only:


To make it even easier, we offer a split payment option. Pay only $2250 to reserve your spot today , followed by the balance in 6 weeks!

You Have a Choice to Make...

You can continue to wait for opportunity, or pursue it "some day". And, weeks, months, and even years later, will you be content to be in the same place you are today? Or will create your own opportunity?

If you need another reason, here it is: Many have said our pricing is too low, and we agree. That is why we are increasing our prices later in 2024 to $4997. Even though the next class starts in April, you still have time to enroll at 2023 prices. But don't wait around. We're already starting to fill up, and because we give each and every student our personal attention, we've capped our enrollment. Once the class is full, you can still enroll, but you will have to wait for the next session several months later, and pay the 2024 rate!

The choice is yours. We can only make it as easy as possible by giving you all the resources, help, and support you need. It is up to you to take the leap forward-- if you do, we will be there every step of the way. We look forward to welcoming you to the next class!


What is the layout of the course?

Every week, students watch a prerecorded module to prepare for the live weekly session. In the live session, students get a chance to ask questions and interact with fellow students. This continues for the 12 weeks, followed by a practical externship.

What is your refund policy?

Once access to the course has been granted, there will be no refunds. If a student for some reason is unable to complete the quarter, we can make arrangements to place them in the following quarter's class.

Do you have any scholarships available?

None at this time.

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I have further questions. Can I talk to someone?

Sure, to schedule a 15 minute call, reach out to monica [at] thecrcacademy [dot] com